About Me!

My Life

I’ve spent most of my adult life helping others.
My last vanilla job was as a mental health professional, (I have a masters degree in psychology).
I love to help, but the pressure was affecting other aspects of my life, in a bad way.
So I decided it’s time to help myself! 😁
I want to escape the boring routines, do what I enjoy and build a business I love.

I’m happily married and a genuine MILF.
I have a high sex drive, and a real love for the art of porn.
I’m not a swinger though, which means all of my sexy hotwife adventures will be caught on camera for you to enjoy. 😘

I have a love for fitness and I’m learning self-love, but I’m also an advocate for body positivity and being true to yourself.


Three words to describe me: sex, snacks and naps!
At any given moment in the day, you’ll find me doing at least one of these things… Life’s essentials in my opinion!

I like fashion.
Elegant dresses are nice but short and cute is better.

I love movie nights and take-out food.
Sure, fancy dinners and nights out are fun, but being at home with my family is my favourite place to be.

I have old-person hobbies like crochet, crafts and colouring.
There’s no better way to unwind after a busy day fucking on camera than to get creative with the craft scissors. 😂

Oh… and FYI… Two things that turn me on… Being praised and new stationery. Buy me new pens and call me a good girl!
(There’s an Amazon Wishlist link in the menu *hint hint).

Adult Content

I LOVE big dildos, vibrators and making myself orgasm!
I also enjoy playing with a cock, so I make plenty of boy/girl and threesome content.
In fact, sharing my husband with other people is one of my favourite things to do!

I ALWAYS focus on quality first.
This means I may not post adult content everyday. But what I do post will always be of the highest quality I can manage.
My husband is a qualified digital media expert, photographer and video producer, and I’m learning fast!
So sometimes, I can film him as well.

My content can usual be split into 4 main types

Professionally edited videos and photos. Complete full length videos. Meaning sex from start to finish. (No 10 second clips on my pages!)

Flashing photos, pussy selfies, unplanned sex with minimal editing. Just my actual real nymphomaniac self captured on camera as things happen.

Sometimes I struggle to stop when I’m filming.
Also includes BTS footage and pics, outtakes and any promo stills.

I also produce fetish content. My specialities are nylon and sock fetish content (I have a nylon fetish too), outdoor sex (not in the winter 😂), and my favourite… Wet and Messy play!
I’m a WAM specialist. Food, gunge, the messier the better!

The Future

I have big plans!

My ultimate goal is to build a studio to truly take my content to the next level.

By supporting me you’ll be helping me achieve my goals and live my dreams… So thank you!

Remember to follow me on social media and any adult sites you use.

Love April