Content Creator Collaboration

If you’re an adult content creator or performer and think we’d work well together, then you can contact me on Twitter by DM, or by using the email address: [email protected]

If contacting me by email, please include your Twitter link and a link to your adult content so I can get an idea of your look and content style.

Currently, I’m not really looking to collab with girls who only do GG content.
Unfortunately, it doesn’t sell well and isn’t my favourite thing to produce anyway.
I will film GG, but only with performers who will be BG as well to make the entire collab worth the time.

This email address is NOT for custom video requests.
Check my links for custom vid options.

Please note the following before contacting me:

  • I do not collaborate on a casual or “hook up” basis. I expect all communications to be professional and businesslike. All content will be covered by professional contracts and paperwork.
  • I will only work with certified professionals.
  • It is unlikely I will work with faceless creators unless there is a very specific reason due to the limitations this places upon my content, marketing and for model release / ID / legal reasons.
  • Please do not be offended if I do not want to work with you at this time. This could be for many different business reasons and should not be taken personally.
    On average, I only do one collab a month with people who I’ve never worked with before, so it could just be I’m fully booked.
  • I am NOT looking for any kind of management services.
  • I am NOT looking for agency representation.
  • Emails sent to this address for any other reason will be ignored and deleted.